• 01/01/2019

    A lot has been said about Portugal’s golden visa program, which, coupled with the Portuguese non-habitual tax regime, is one of the most attractive of such programs worldwide. Sadly, Portugal’s equally (if not more) attractive tech visa program has been deserving less coverage by the press. Recently, the Portuguese government approved the tech visa (also called startup visa) program, through which entrepreneurs not residing in the E.U. or Schengen area may obtain a Portuguese residence permit. As attractive as it may seem (and it is!), the tech visa is just the icing on the cake. Portugal has been granting since 2016 numerous incentives to startups, being them in the tech industry or not. See more.

  • 28/08/2017

    Procede à quinta alteração à Lei n.º 23/2007, de 4 de julho, que aprova o regime jurídico de entrada, permanência, saída e afastamento de estrangeiros do território nacional e transpõe as Diretivas 2014/36/UE, de 26 de fevereiro, e 2014/66/UE, de 15 de maio de 2014, e 2016/801, de 11 de maio de 2016.