Relocation Program

Considering a change of scenery? FID-ELITE offers bespoke service bundles that address all aspects of relocation, from start to new start. Tax consultancy, administrative, accounting, and real estate advice are just some of the services we offer to clients considering migration.

Clients rely on our expertise to help pick the most appropriate jurisdiction, but our assistance extends to installation support services that ensure they have the peace of mind to create personal experiences and life memories in their new home.

Relocation Services
  • Residence Solutions
    • Portugal
    • Switzerland
    • Malta
    • Italy

Residence Solutions

Choose your next destiny

Portugal - Porto


Situated in the extreme southwest of Europe, just a few hours from other major European capitals, sunny Portugal attracts tourists and investors from all over the world. The country provides an excellent quality of life and is full of charm. The non-habitual resident tax regime for individuals is very attractive, surpassing other available regimes in many ways.

Switzerland - Bern


Well known for its stability, Switzerland has one of the most competitive economies in the world. Swiss cities rank among the best places to live, scoring especially high for personal safety, natural beauty and infrastructure. Switzerland has an excellent road and public transport network that makes travel within the country simple and fast.

Malta - Valeta


Malta offers a great quality of life. A rich history, a climate offering 300 days of Mediterranean sun per year, high quality / low-cost property and favourable tax regimes. Throw in the relaxed lifestyle and local stability and you can easily understand why Malta was ranked 3rd in the Quality of life index.

Italy - Roma


Itally, a well developed country with a pleasant climate, has outstanding world heritage sites and activities attracting tourists from all over the world. The iconic lifestyle gastronomy and wine are only a few of the reasons to visit a country long revered for its agreeable climate and warm reception of foreigners. The country has recently implemented an attractive and special tax regime for those interested in relocating there.